The Humble Abode (Renting in NL)

Just a picture of my new room because I love it.

Rent is what constitutes a major chunk of your expenses when you’re living here in the NL. However, knowing that there is a possibility of receiving certain rental benefits is a real game changer. When I started digging about this, the information I found wasn’t really clear.  So, I decided to write it all down in this blog.


The Dutch Government provides the rental allowance to people if you satisfy certain conditions. The following link will be helpful to check the eligibility criteria.

The whole process of getting the allowance is a little time consuming and a tricky one, but patience bears the sweetest fruits. You would receive approximately 50% of your base rent as allowance. You pay the full rent first and then you receive the allowance from the Government into your bank account. You first check your eligibility for the allowance and then go ahead with creating a DigiD for yourself on Once you apply for the DigiD, you will receive an SMS and a letter by post (that is what I received in 2017) giving you an activation code that needs to be used to activate your account within five days. If you fail to do it on time, you need to repeat the process again.

Once DigiD is activated, you fill in the form on the website as per the numbers that are given on your contract and wait. It is be noted that you will NOT receive any allowance for your gas/water/light/internet usage. So, don’t include that amount in your application. It usually takes long (took me about four months) to get the whole thing processed for the first time. You could be asked to personally visit the tax office with a set of documents and submit it after which the application will be processed.

If you move, you submit your address change at:

It is forwarded to the to the tax authorities. Further, you will have to submit a change in the rent again but this time it will be hassle-free.

P.S: Always check your postal mailbox.