Winter is Here

My hyper-excited self, seeing all that snow!

If you follow Game of Thrones, you know what I am talking about. Only this time, it is literal. One week ago, one of my friends told me that it is going to snow the next weekend. I tried to hide my excitement just so that I wouldn’t jinx it. Even if it were to happen, I expected it to be just a light shower. Just sprinkle some magic all around and vanish. Nevertheless, I was still excited!


I woke up (for the first time) at 8 am. I took a good look outside the window and went back to bed. It was just another day when its cold, the sun is not out, you have high hopes of seeing snow and ended up feeling a little disappointed.

11am, I woke up again, looked out my window when I noticed the shower. After a week’s confusion between whether its snow or hail (aka snoil), I had to confirm. I put my hand outside and I had snowflakes on my palm! I had seen snow earlier but had never seen a snowfall. It was an enthralling sight. After making plans with a couple of friends, we suited up and headed out. Oh boy! I was dumbstruck by the view.

Partners in crime.

Braving the cold, we reached the road in front of the EEMCS faculty. The sky wasn’t to be seen anymore. Snowflakes everywhere, going into our eyes and mouth. Hands were bone-chillingly numb. However, it didn’t succeed in hampering our spirits. After a battle of throwing snow at each other, we walked to the Library. A breathtakingly beautiful sight.

After realizing that our shoes were drenched in snow, we decided to head back home and ended up stopping in the middle of a road for a picture (don’t ever try it). Finally, after treading in the snow for another 10 mins, reached the room and the first thing I did? Go sit next to the radiator and wait for all the senses to return! The first winter in Europe, the first snowfall in a lifetime-it was an amazing day!



First Impressions

August 20th, 2017, I was finally in Amsterdam! A bright beautiful Sunday morning when the shuttle bus picked me and a few other students on the first trip to the campus that day. The entire experience was fascinating, weird and hard-to-believe. After about 45-50 mins, we reached the campus of TU Delft. All the images I had seen on Google were right in front of me. The dream had turned into a reality. My name is Manasa. I am from India and TU Delft is my first experience across the world away from home.

Moving to a new place is just as scary as one can imagine. In my head, I visualized a hostile environment where I was the lone Ninja fighting the world. Being my skeptical self, I was genuinely surprised by the way it all turned out. The beauty of the vast pastures of land with cows, sheep, horses, and windmills blew my mind away. I was still a little anxious about interacting with the people here. Once I set foot on campus, my anxiety faded eventually. Europe had already won me over and I knew it was going to be the beginning of something good.

Post a warm welcome, the volunteers helped us out with almost everything from unloading the luggage to dragging it across for registration and leading them back to the bus to be
taken to the housing- they did it all. People giving you a smile and greeting you as they walk by was something that wouldn’t have happened back home. I have to mention that if you’re on a cycling lane, people will shout out to you and ask you to move away instead of ringing their bell ( ringing the bell at someone is considered rude I believe, never seen anyone actually using the bell).

The first week came with a warm weather and a lot of work-unpacking, settling in, shopping and more shopping. It took a while to get used to the sun setting at 9pm in the night. On a couple of instances, I have forgotten to have my dinner because it was so bright outside. As for the weather, I am from a really warm country and Netherlands’ warm was still a little cold for me, so I always had a hoodie on. Since I couldn’t handle the cold, sitting under the hot sun made me so happy and that is something I wouldn’t have done back home.

I knew Europe was going to be beautiful but I did not expect people to be so polite and friendly. That has definitely been the highlight for me so far. I figured out one thing for sure, no matter how prepared you are, your initial opinion will change after you reach here, for the good. The initial fear and the anxiety will go away and you will like this place.