The calm after the storm – Post Q3

The blog couldn’t have a title any better than this. The best part of Q3 exams coming to an end were seven days of sun (20+ degrees). Believe me when I say that it is a privilege. 19th April 2018, marked the end of a strenuous quarter in all the three quarters I have seen at TU Delft. The shortest one with the most courses, I couldn’t be any more grateful that it was over. Me along with  my friends marked the date 21st April 2018. We were so sure we were going to utilize the weekend to the maximum and we did. A trip to Amsterdam- this was our silver lining. Something to look forward to during the exam week. Eight months in this country and this was my first visit to De Dam.

Iamsterdam, Museumplein

Wandering the streets of De Dam

The time came to plan the visit. After an endless discussion of “Let’s go, but I don’t know what to do in Amsterdam” we finally made it there. Spotted tulip fields on the way. It is a breath-taking sight. They’re definitely on my bucket list now. We finally reached Amsterdam, many of the things didn’t go as planned, but it didn’t matter. We were all together and we were having the best time wandering the streets(8-9 hours), enjoying the sun, feeling all touristy, cracking lame jokes and clicking a LOT of pictures!

Normally I am the kind of person who would rest for a week after a one-day outing. This time I decided to be more adventurous and planned a visit to the Delft center on King’s day. The crowd – different shades of orange. An endless sea of people partying, celebrating the King’s Birthday with music, drinks, and food. However, the celebrations are much bigger in Amsterdam, but I will make a trip next year. If you happen to be in Delft, I would highly recommend a walk to the Church Square in the city. Probably going to the top of the church would also be a great idea to see the city celebrating (unless you feel dizzy climbing the narrow spiral staircase for at least 10-15 mins; if you do, then you do need some recovery time when you get back on the flat ground).

Koningsdag Festival, Delft

The amazing View, Nieuwe Kerk

All in all, the two weekends out satisfied my appetite for a long time now. I won’t be heading out again soon.As usual, it has hardly been sunny this week. The weather can be best explained by the meme that follows.

Adios, until next time!

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