Know thy courses ( Telecom, Architecture and Business Models) (Part-1)

Six assignments, one presentation and a grade- that does sound like an online game, right? Well, what I am about to write about is no different from that. Quarter 3 came with an overload of course work. However, one of these courses (ET4034 – Telecom, Architecture and Business Models) was a relief among the sea of endless work. I decided to write about the course primarily because it is interesting (and because it doesn’t have a written exam! *bliss*). Jokes aside, the course is very informative and involves a team of 16 lecturers, all coming from various parts of the industry.

The course was initiated by Dr. Prof. Ir. Nico Baken in 2001. He even took the time to take a session and shed light on the concepts of Holarchies and Transector Innovations. It touches upon the philosophical aspects of leading a good life and how there are challenges that are global and how they impact the society and the economy.

Mr. Edgar van Boven giving the first lecture for the course

Mr. Edgar van Boven and Mr. Walter Knoop are the responsible instructors. The first lecture was from Mr. Edgar. He spoke a great deal on The Past, Present and the Future of Communications. It shed light on the difference between business cases and value cases. He effectively pointed out that the world now needs more value cases than business cases. The lecture concluded with the first assignment on developing a value case across the borders of sectors based on the current needs. The value case will include a report and a five-minute pitch presentation to a live audience.

Mr. Ramin Hekmat, who is working at KPN talked about Graph theory. He emphasized on how the study of graphs can be used to design the telecommunication networks. After following the course in Networking and Performance Analysis in Q1 and Q2, this lecture was a wonderful treat to recollect the concepts learned previously.

Mr. Samuel Pronk talking about Real Options

I have worked at a company for three years and have always wondered what factors go into investing in a project. The side of the company making the “big” decisions was always a grey area. Mr. Samuel Pronk who is a coach at Krauthammer and takes great pride in providing client specific trainings talked about this aspect of investments. He spoke about Real Options. It explained the different topologies used in deciding about an investment. Having an overview about this makes you a more rounded engineer. It was a very interactive session and is a must-attend irrespective of having taken this course or not.

Lecture on “Content Delivery Networks”

Mr. Ruud van Bovenkamp from KPN gave a talk on a very interesting topic called the Content Delivery Networks. All of us have used the TV (IP-TV) or the internet to watch movies or shows that we like at some point or the other. This lecture gave a clear picture about the components, the architecture along with topics such as quality of experience, popularity distribution and bandwidth-storage trade-offs while streaming any video content over the internet or the tv.



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